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PivotTable II: Filter PivotTable report data in Excel 2007

Click Play to view an animation showing how to set a value filter.

Suppose you want to see which road bike models have sales totals of $100,000 or more. How do you tell Excel to select those rows and hide the others? You use a value filter.

First, you filter to view only road bikes, using the method you saw in the first animation. Then, to set the value filter, click the arrow on the filter icon next to Row Labels. In the Select field box, choose Product Name. You filter the Product Name field because that field contains every individual road bike model.

Next, point to Value Filters. This filter reads the data and selects rows with cells that match your criteria. Click Greater Than Or Equal To, and in the Value Filter dialog box, enter 100,000 in the empty box.

The report contains 38 road bike models, of which 13 have total sales of $100,000 or more, and only those now appear. To change the dollar amount you want to filter for, point to Value Filters and repeat the process with a different value. You can imagine how filtering like this lets you analyze your data in all sorts of ways with comparatively little effort.

Click Play to view an animation showing how to apply a value filter.

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