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PivotTable II: Filter PivotTable report data in Excel 2007

Click Play to view an animation showing how to make an existing filter more selective.

Now you have set a filter, and the report shows only the sales totals for road bikes. But Adventure Works sells many different types of road bikes, and you would like to see the sales totals for just one type, the Road-350-W.

You could filter the report to a single type by using the method shown in the last section. In the Select field box, you would choose Product Name instead of Product Category. In the list of product names, you would select the check boxes for the Road-350-W road bike.

But a different method can save you time, by refining the filter you have already set. In the filtered report, select the cells with Road-350-W data in them. Then right-click, point to Filter, and click Keep Only Selected Items.

Now just the Road-350-W data is displayed. The new filter hides all the other road bike product names and data that were in the report before.

Click Play to see how to use Keep Only Selected Items.

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