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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

The Editor Options command for e-mail editor options

We just talked about the Options dialog box, but in Outlook 2007 you set options from a few different locations.

Options for writing e-mail

If you want to change your settings for writing e-mail — for example, to make the spelling checker stop ignoring words in uppercase — you do that from the Editor Options dialog box. You start by creating a new message, and then you do this:

Callout 1 Click the Microsoft Office Button Button image.
Callout 2 Click Editor Options.

Note    Some settings, such as those that you set in the Personalize area of the Editor Options window, are shared among all Office 2007 programs. However, most changes that you make in Editor Options will apply only to Outlook.

Options for sending e-mail

When you send an e-mail message, you can make choices about how that message is sent. For example, you can choose whether the outgoing message is formatted in Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text. You can also change where you keep a copy of a particular sent message (or you can specify whether you keep a copy of it at all). You'll set these types of options from tabs available on the Ribbon for that message. We'll show how to access these options in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

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