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Add sound effects to a presentation

Methods for inserting sound file

Two ways to insert a sound file by using the Insert tab.

For the bulk of this lesson, we'll focus on working with sound files that you insert from your computer or a network server, or that you insert from the clip library. These files would have names something like MySound.wav or Atmospheric.mid.

These steps show you two ways you'd insert the sound using the Insert tab:

Callout 1 Click the Insert tab.
Callout 2 Click the arrow next to Sound.
Callout 3 To insert a sound file from your computer or a network server, click Sound from File. Browse to the file, and double-click it to insert it.
Callout 4 To insert a sound from the clip library, click Sound from Clip Organizer, and search for the clip in the Clip Art task pane. Scroll to the clip you want, and click it to insert it onto the slide.

Before the sound is inserted, you're prompted with a message asking how you want it to start (the choices are discussed later in the lesson).

The sound appears as a sound icon on your slide, and it plays right after you insert it, so you know what it sounds like. To hear the sound again in normal view, double-click it.

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