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Take audio and video notes

A OneNote page with a recording timeline

Regardless of how notes are positioned on a page, the recording timeline is tied to the order in which the text notes were written. (As you'll see in the next section, the Audio gauge shows the timeline.)

In OneNote, you can take audio and video notes simultaneously with handwritten or typed notes. The audio and video notes are time-stamped and "tied" to the text notes taken at that time. So you can click a text note and jump to that part of the recording.

For example, you could be in an hour-long lecture during which something very important is mentioned, so you make a text note and flag it with an Important note flag. Later, you could easily find that part of the recording by navigating from the note flag. For more information about Note flags see Use note flags and search to find your notes.

Tying text and recordings together is really useful when you play back your recorded note. As the recording is played back, the accompanying text notes are highlighted in sequence.

If you find that your notes are exceeding the amount of text you want on one page, add subpages rather than new pages. OneNote won't keep the recording and text tied together outside of the immediate page group (a page group is the main page and any subpages).

Note    If you pause the recording, any text notes that you take during the pause will not be tied to the recording.

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