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PivotTable II: Filter PivotTable report data in Excel 2007

Click Play to view an animation showing how to set a filter for one product type.

You want to see just the sales data for road bikes, and hide all the other data for now. To filter the report, click the arrow next to Row Labels. You click there because road bikes are displayed in the row area of the report. When you click that arrow, a menu appears with the Select field box at the top for you to use in selecting where to apply the filter.

On this menu is a list that shows all the rows in whatever field you select. Looking at the items in the list is a way to verify that you've selected the correct field to filter. In this example, the Product Category field, which includes Road Bikes, is the one you want.

To filter the report, clear the (Select All) check box in the list. That clears the check boxes next to every item in the list. Then select the check box next to Road Bikes. Now the PivotTable report shows only data for road bikes. The other data is not changed, but for now it does not appear.

Click Play to see the process of applying a filter to the Product Category field.

Tip     It's not always easy to tell if data has been filtered or not just by looking at it. To remind you that this report is filtered, a filter icon appears on the arrow that you clicked to begin setting the filter: Button image. There's also a filter icon Button image in the PivotTable Field List next to the field name that the filter is applied to.

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