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Create tables for a new Access 2007 database

Tools for creating tables in Access

In a relational database, tables store your data. Your data doesn't "live" anywhere else, and that makes tables the central component of your database. If you don't have tables, you don't have a database.

Access gives you several ways to create tables, and this course shows you how to use three of them: Datasheet view, table templates, and Design view.

Callout 1 In Datasheet view, you build a table by entering field names and setting data types manually. All you have to do is click and type.
Callout 2 Table templates are pre-made tables that meet several common business needs. For example, the Assets table template contains many of the fields, such as Item and Purchase Date, discussed in these courses.
Callout 3 Design view lets you control every field and property in the table. In this course, you'll use it to create a table and to change the values in a lookup field — a field that contains a list of choices.

We'll start with Datasheet view.

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