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Use Note Tags and Search to keep track of your notes

The summary page collects tagged notes from a group of pages.

You can quickly create a summary page of certain note tags. For example, if you've marked your notes with lots of Important tags, you can create a new page with just the Important notes on it.

To create a summary page, click the Create Summary Page button at the bottom of the Tags Summary task pane.

This is a great way to create a summary of notes that are scattered across several pages, sections, or folders in your notebook. You can even print or e-mail the summary page.

In the summary page, you can choose which type of tags to include: all of them, a selection, or just one. For example, you could choose to look at just notes with To Do tags. To really help you out you can also choose to display only the unchecked ones — no need to include completed items in a To Do list.

The summary page makes a copy of all your tagged notes; it doesn't remove the originals.

You'll see how to create a summary page in the practice session.

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