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Audio course: Create a Web site with FrontPage

File menu, Open Site command

If you have a Web site on your computer that wasn't created in FrontPage (and therefore isn't a FrontPage Web site) you can convert it. To convert the site:
Callout 1 On the File menu, click Open Site.
Callout 2 Click Yes to add the FrontPage metadata to the folder.

Here's another way to create a Web site. If you made a site using another program, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or HomeSite, you can convert it to a FrontPage Web site. This gives you the ability to use FrontPage design features and handy management capabilities as well.

To convert a Web site made in another program, click Open Site on the File menu. After you specify the folder you want to convert, FrontPage will ask you if you want to add information to that folder.

The information that it wants to add is just two folders: the _vti_cnf folder and the _vti_pvt folder, which we covered in the previous lesson. Please note that it won't add anything to the HTML pages you have created.

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