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Take audio and video notes

Camera and microphone

You'll need a microphone and a camera.

You'll need a microphone before you can take audio notes, and you'll need a camera for video notes. You need to install the hardware and any necessary drivers before you can start recording notes.

Note    Some Tablet PCs have microphones built in; you might want to check the recording quality because an external microphone might give better results. See the microphone settings in the Windows® Control Panel.

If you have a camera it may have a microphone built in. In this case you can use your camera to take both audio and video notes.

Microsoft DirectX® 9.0a or later and Microsoft Windows Media® Player 9 Series or later must be installed to record and play back video notes. Audio notes require Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or later and Microsoft Windows Media Player 8 or later. (The media player comes installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system.) Links to the download sites are in the Quick Reference Card.

Don't get carried away

Audio and video notes are designed to supplement your note taking, not for flawless studio-quality recording.

The limitations of clear recording are the quality and position of your microphone or camera and the amount of background noise.

If you have something important that you want to record, it's a good idea to test the recording device in that particular environment first.

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