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Create a site plan
Article Use the Site Plan template to create architectural site plans and garden landscape plans. On the File menu, point to New , point to Maps and Floor Plans ,...
Visio 2007
Create an HVAC plan
Article Show me an example Use the HVAC Plan template to lay out heating, ventilation, and cooling ductwork. You can create HVAC plans on a blank page or as a layer ...
Visio 2007
Create a reflected ceiling plan
Article Use the Reflected Ceiling Plan template to design a ceiling layout. You can use drawing tools, guides, and the Array Shapes command to design the ceiling g...
Visio 2007
Create an HVAC control logic diagram
Article Show me an example Use the HVAC Control Logic Diagram template to create single line and double line HVAC control logic schematics with shapes that represent...
Visio 2007
Create a plumbing and piping plan
Article Plumbing and piping plans show the location of fixtures, pipes, and valves. You can lay out plumbing plans on a blank page or as a layer in an existing floor pl...
Visio 2007
Create a space plan
Article A space plan is a visual tool that allows you to move and track resources between spaces within your organization. Use the Space Plan template to create a drawi...
Visio 2007
Create a map in Visio
Article Show All Hide All Use the Directional Map and Directional Map 3D templates to create drawings of simple maps. Use directional map shapes, including clearly iden...
Visio 2007
Create an electric and telecom plan
Article Use the Electric and Telecom Plan template to draw new electric and telecom plans, or to add electrical symbols to existing floor plans. You can create an ele...
Visio 2007
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