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Insert clip art in a Visio drawing
Article On the Insert menu, point to Picture , and then click Clip Art . Note If Clip Art is not installed on your computer, you are prompted to install it. ...
Visio 2007
Insert a picture
Article Insert a picture from a graphics file On the Insert menu, point to Picture , and then click From File . Locate the folder that contains the picture you wan...
Visio 2007
Crop an AutoCAD drawing, picture, or object
Article You can crop an AutoCAD drawing, picture, or a linked or embedded object. To crop an AutoCAD drawing, first unlock it by doing the following: Right-click the A...
Visio 2007
Copy a Visio drawing to another document
Article In your Microsoft Office Visio drawing, make sure that nothing is selected. On the Edit menu, click Copy Drawing . Note This command copies the entire ...
Visio 2007
Export Visio shapes or drawings to another file format
Article Do one of the following: To export all the shapes on a page, display the page you want to export. To export specific shapes, select the shapes you want to expor...
Visio 2007
Import or insert AutoCAD drawings, pictures, and clip art
Article There are two ways to work with graphics files in Visio: you can import them to start a new Visio drawing, or you can insert them into an existing Visio dra...
Visio 2007
Modify a picture
Article Select the picture, and then on the Format menu, click Picture . To change the appearance of the image, click the Image Control tab and drag the slider or ...
Visio 2007
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