Getting started with SharePoint Workspace 2010

Getting started with Office 2010 If you know Groove 2007 or have never used SharePoint Workspace 2010 before, explore these resources to begin learning how to use the latest version.


 Note   SharePoint Workspace was previously called Office Groove.


Familiar with Groove 2007?

Find out what is new for SharePoint Workspace 2010 from the last version.

What's new in SharePoint Workspace 2010

Never used SharePoint Workspace before?

Learn how to perform common tasks with SharePoint Workspace 2010.

Basic tasks in SharePoint Workspace 2010

Interested in viewing a more detailed training video?

Learn how to create SharePoint workspaces, synchronize them with the server, check out and check in documents, and resolve item or document conflicts.

 Note    The demos in the training video apply to using SharePoint Workspace 2010 with sites hosted on SharePoint 2010 servers. If you use SharePoint Workspace 2010 with sites hosted on SharePoint 2013 servers, you must create your workspaces using the SharePoint Workspace launchbar. This is different from the recommendation shown in the training video.

SharePoint Workspace 2010: An introduction

Video: Getting Started with SharePoint Workspace 2010

For more information about how to get started with other Microsoft Office products, see Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2010.

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