Insert a movie (or video) into PowerPoint 2003 and run it full screen

Applies to
Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003

By Mary Feil-Jacobs, Microsoft Presentation Design Specialist

This article on playing movies, (also sometimes called videos), discusses how to:

 Note   For best results, the movie you use should use a high resolution video. (In this case, I consider high resolution to be a Windows Media video file (.wmv) encoded using Windows Media Video 9 at a resolution of 640 x 480 and at a bit rate of 2 million bits per second (bps). The movie should have the same aspect ratio as the slide deck, or the movie will look distorted when it plays. Most PowerPoint slide shows have an aspect ratio of 4:3, and the typical standard for movies (640 x 480 resolution) also has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Read more from this author about working with aspect ratios.

Insert a movie and play it automatically

In PowerPoint 2003, you can run your movies full screen. This is a very nice feature.

  1. On the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds, and then click Movie from File.
  2. Click the video you want to use and then click OK.

 Tip   Always put the movie in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. If you later move the PowerPoint presentation to another computer, copy the movie too. Keeping your movie in the same folder as your presentation ensures the link will still work. However, you should always test the movie on a new machine just to be certain. Re-insert the movie, if necessary.)

  1. After you click OK, you're prompted with a message asking how you want the movie to start in the slide show.

Message that asks how you want a movie to start

I recommend choosing Automatically even if you want the movie to play when clicked – I'll talk about how to set this part too. (If you choose When Clicked you have to click the black box to start the movie. Because I don’t like to show the black box on the slide, I do this a little differently.)

  1. You should now have a small rectangle sitting on your slide.

Movie that's been inserted on a slide

Button image Insert a movie using a file on your computer or in another location, such as a server.

Button image The movie appears as a still frame on your slide.

The trick I use is to move that rectangle off the slide, so it is sitting next to it, but not on it. You can size it down if you like. Click the movie (that is, the rectangle) and then drag it off the slide.

Inserted movie moved off the slide

Play the movie full screen

  1. Right-click the movie object (the small rectangle) and on the shortcut menu, click Edit Movie Object.
  2. The Movie Options dialog box appears. Under Display Options, select the Zoom to full screen check box, and then click OK.

Movie Options dialog box

  1. If you want your movie to play automatically when you advance to this slide, you can stop here.

Test this now to see how it works by starting the slide show. (On the Slide Show menu, click View Show.) Advance to the slide with the movie, (best if you have the title of the movie on it). Within a couple of seconds, the movie starts to play full screen. When the movie finishes, you return to the same slide (but no unsightly box appears). Click to advance to your next slide.

Add an On Click effect to start the movie

If you prefer, you can click to start the movie. This requires one more step, setting an On Click animation effect.

  1. On the Slide Show menu, click Custom Animation. The Custom Animation task pane (task pane: A window within an Office program that provides commonly used commands. Its location and small size allow you to use these commands while still working on your files.) appears on the right side of the PowerPoint window.
  2. Click the movie object (the rectangle) to select it.
  3. In the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect, point to Entrance and then click Appear.

Adding an Appear effect to a movie

You have added an On Click effect. The animation effect you added is the one with the Green star next to it and a gray rectangle around it. If it doesn’t have a gray rectangle, click it to select it. Your Custom Animation task pane should look like the picture below (except with the name of your movie in the list).

Custom Animation task pane showing On click effect

  1. The last step is to move that animation up to the top of the effects list. To do this, make sure the animation effect is selected, and then click the Up Re-order arrow at the bottom of the Custom Animation task pane. Or simply click and drag the animation effect to the top of the effects list.
  2. Your effects list should now look like this:

Custom Animation task pane showing re-ordered effect

  1. You are done. Test this to make sure it works by starting the slide show. (On the Slide Show menu, click View Show.) When you advance to the slide with the movie, you should not see the movie. When you click the slide, the movie zooms to full screen and plays. When it finishes playing, you are returned to the same slide. Click to advance to the next slide.

About the Author: Mary Feil-Jacobs works on executive presentations for Microsoft corporate events.

Some images in this article were excerpted from Training on Microsoft Office Online.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003