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Create your first presentation

Areas of the PowerPoint window

This is the view that first opens in PowerPoint; it's called Normal view. You work here to create slides. There are three main areas of Normal view:

Callout 1 The slide pane is the big area in the middle. You work directly on the slide in this space.
Callout 2 On the slide, the boxes with the dotted borders are called placeholders. Here's where you type your text. Placeholders can also contain pictures, charts, and other non-text items.
Callout 3 On the left are small, or thumbnail, versions of the slides in your presentation, with the one you're working on highlighted. This area is the Slides tab, and you can click the slide thumbnails here to navigate to other slides, once you add them.
Callout 4 In the bottom area is the notes pane, where you type the notes that you'll refer to while you present. There's more room for the notes than shows here.
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