View your tasks

Tasks are displayed in three locations in Microsoft Outlook 2010 — in the To-Do Bar, in Tasks, and in the Daily Task List in Calendar. If you subscribe to a SharePoint task list, any task assigned to you from this list also appears in all three locations.

To view your tasks, do any of the following:

 Tip    You can change the task list appearance by clicking a style in the Current View group on the Home tab.

  • In the To-Do Bar     The Tasks List is at the bottom of the To-Do Bar, below Appointments. You can get more information about your tasks by expanding the To-Do Bar, or double-click a task to open it in a new window.

 Tip    To show more or fewer tasks, click the top border of the Tasks List when your pointer becomes aSize handle icon, and then drag up or down.

  • In the Daily Task List     The Daily Task List appears only in the Day and Week views in your Outlook Calendar. To display only the count of current tasks, in Calendar, on the View tab, in the Layout group, click Daily Task List and then click Minimized.

Daily Task List in calendar week view

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Applies to:
Outlook 2010