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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

Inbox folder and an open e-mail message

Callout 1 Use the UP ARROW key to move to the next message in the folder.
Callout 2 Use the DOWN ARROW key to move to the previous message in the folder.
Callout 3 Press ENTER to open a message.
Callout 4 Press ESC to close the message.

Now that you know how to move around in Outlook, it's time to explore using the keyboard with e-mail.

Although you'll probably spend most of your time reading messages in your Inbox, you can move to any e-mail folder by using CTRL+Y.

Move between messages in a folder by using the arrow keys. If you want to open the message rather than just read it in the Reading Pane, move to it in the folder and then press ENTER.

When you have finished reading the message, press ESC and you will be back in the Outlook window. However, if you have several messages that you want to open, you don't have to go back to the Outlook window every time. From the open message window, press CTRL+COMMA to open the next message and CTRL+PERIOD to open the previous message.

If you want to print a message, the universal CTRL+P will print it just as it prints any other document in Microsoft® Office.

Even these few simple keyboard shortcuts will decrease the time it takes to read your messages.

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