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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

Three panes of Outlook the Navigation pane, the active folder and the Reading Pane

F6 cycles between the three main areas.
Callout 1 The Navigation Pane.
Callout 2 The active folder. Here it's the Inbox, but it could be any folder.
Callout 3 The Reading Pane.

The three main areas of the Outlook window are the Navigation Pane, the active folder pane, and the Reading Pane. Pressing F6 will move you between these panes and SHIFT+F6 will cycle backwards through them.

By default the Navigation Pane is on the left of the Outlook window, whether you are in Mail, Contacts, Calendar or whatever. The active folder area shows the Inbox or whichever folder you have open. The Reading Pane gives you a chance to look at message contents without opening the message.

If you have a message open, it will be in a separate window.

Note    There are various ways of displaying your e–mail messages. Don't panic if the images and descriptions of e–mail in this course are different to the way you have yours set up. The course shows the default settings for Outlook, but the keyboard shortcuts work in whatever layout you are using.

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