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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

Moving between contacts in Outlook Contacts page

You can move between entries in the contacts using the arrow keys.
Callout 1 The DOWN ARROW key moves down to the next contact.
Callout 2 The RIGHT ARROW key moves to the next column. The LEFT ARROW key would move back again.
Callout 3 The UP ARROW key moves up to the previous contact.

To switch to Contacts use CTRL+3. You can use this shortcut from any other place in Outlook: Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and so on.

The most useful keyboard shortcut when you are looking for a contact is F11. You can use F11 from anywhere in Outlook—you don't have to be in Contacts. However, it doesn't work if you have an item open such as a message or appointment window. F11 moves the focus to the Find a Contact box; just type in the name of the person you are looking for, press ENTER, and their details will appear.

You can move around the contacts in your list by using the arrow keys. This is important to remember because frequently the TAB key is used for moving around. To open a particular contact's details, move the focus to that contact and then press ENTER. Another way of finding a contact is to type the first letter of their name, so type D to find contacts whose names begin with D.

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