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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

  • Icon image Press CTRL+1 for Mail
  • Icon image Press CTRL+2 for Calendar
  • Icon image Press CTRL+3 for Contacts
  • Icon image Press CTRL+4 for Tasks
  • Icon image Press CTRL+5 for Notes
  • Icon image Press CTRL+6 for Folder List
  • Icon image Press CTRL+7 for Shortcuts
The keyboard shortcuts to move around Outlook.

How would you move from your mail to the calendar or contacts using the keyboard? Although it's possible to move between the various areas of Outlook by using the Go menu or the Navigation Pane, there is another much simpler way in Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003.

Some new keyboard shortcuts have been introduced; they are so useful, you'll wonder how you ever coped without them. Switching between the various areas of Outlook is now very simple. To move to Mail, for example, just press CTRL+1—it's so easy.

The new keyboard shortcuts are shown in the list on the left.

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