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Create a public email alias in Office 365

E-mail messages

Create a public email alias in Office 365 by setting up a shared mailbox.

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About this course

This course includes four videos:

  • Introduction to shared mailboxes (1:27)
  • Create a distribution group (2:33)
  • Create a shared mailbox with PowerShell (4:26)
  • Add the shared mailbox to Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010 (3:26)

There is also a Quick Reference Card you can print at the end of the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a distribution group. The distribution group determines who can receive email sent to the alias, and who can send on behalf of the alias.
  • Create a shared mailbox. This mailbox is the actual alias that customers will send email to.
  • Add the shared mailbox to Outlook 2010 or the Outlook Web App, so that people at your company can receive email and respond to it.

Before you begin

You need an Office 365 subscription.

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