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Configure Lync-to-phone for Unified Messaging

Lync 2010

Set up users for voice mail with Exchange Online Unified Messaging so they can access voice mail and missed call notifications from Outlook 2010 or Lync 2010.

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About this course

This course includes three videos:

  • Assign licenses to users (1:48)
  • Create and enable a Unified Messaging dial plan (2:26)
  • Create Outlook Voice Access and Auto Attendant numbers (3:27)

At the end of this course you’ll also find a Quick Reference Card that you can print.


After watching these videos you will be able to:

  • Purchase and assign the correct licenses to users to enable Lync-to-phone. You’ll need subscriptions for Exchange Plan 3 or higher and Lync Plan 3.
  • Create a Unified Messaging dial plan.
  • Set up phone access to voice mail or automated call routing for outside callers.

Before you begin

You need an Office 365 for enterprises subscription, and an account with a Lync-to-phone service provider.

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