Edit Office documents in OneDrive

With Office Online in OneDrive, you have access to your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents whenever you have access to the web. You can make edits on the fly in a web browser, and you can easily open them in Office desktop programs to make extensive changes.

First, sign in to OneDrive.com. Go to the folder where your document is stored, right-click the document, and then click the command for opening the document in its online program (for example, Open PowerPoint Online for a PowerPoint presentation).

Edit in PowerPoint Online

Your document opens in Office Online, where you can view and edit it in the browser. To edit, click the Edit command, and then click the command for editing in the online program.

Edit in PowerPoint Online

If you want to make changes that require the full set of capabilities found in the Office desktop programs, click the command to edit the document in the desktop program.

Edit in PowerPoint command

Applies to:
Office 2013