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Design a form based on an XML schema

Table with Title layout applied to form

A Table with Title layout, added here to a repeating section.
Callout 1 The table is bordered by a dashed outline.
Callout 2 This layout provides a big, bold heading style for the section title.
Callout 3 This horizontal rule is a decorative element that sets off the title.
Callout 4 The area underneath the rule is for inserting controls, such as the Customer ID and Name text boxes shown here.

It's one thing to drag controls onto the form, but how do you make the form look good? InfoPath has some features that help.

One of the task panes available when you're designing a form is the Layout task pane. It provides tables to help you organize controls in the form. A layout that you'll use over and over again is the Table with Title layout.

This layout works great for a repeating section. As you saw earlier, the repeating section doesn't automatically include any other controls; it's an empty area waiting for you to add controls to it.

But, as the picture illustrates, if you start by applying a Table with Title layout to the section, it loses that empty look. Suddenly it has formatting and organization: a title, a decorative rule under the title, and a distinct area for putting controls such as text boxes.

You'll use the Table with Title layout in the practice session.

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