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Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 is the business publishing program that helps you create, design, and publish professional-looking marketing and communication materials. You can create materials for print, e-mail, and the Web with an intuitive, task-based environment that guides you from initial concept to final delivery in-house without professional design and production expertise.

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Create branded, professional-looking publications

Office Publisher 2007 is designed to help businesses create professional-looking publications in-house quickly and easily. Even a beginner can create a publication for print, e-mail, or the Web.

Create publications easier and faster

Office Publisher 2007 has been redesigned to make it even easier to quickly start or open publications. You can create your own publications with the professionally designed Publisher templates, customize the templates as needed, and then change from one type of publication to another by clicking a single button.

For example, you can start with a business card and then click Change Template to create a return mailing label with the Business Information set — your name, mailing address, business logo, and design colors — already applied.

Change templates with click of button

Open recent publications with a single click

If you worked on a publication recently, you can open it again by clicking its icon in the Recent Publications list.

Click to create a new publication

The most popular publication types, such as Newsletters, have large icons in the center of the workspace when you start Publisher. Just double-click the icon, and you can begin customizing your new publication.

Easily locate the page size that you need

Select your page size from the wide variety of page sizes (the paper dimensions are listed) in the Page Setup dialog box.

In Office Publisher 2007, you can see page, envelope, and label sizes. All of the sizes are listed with their common printing names, such as A4 and Size 10, and their dimensions.

If you can't find what you want, you can create the page size that you need. Unusual page sizes for admission tickets, big banners, business cards, or flyers are no problem.

Simple publication creation

Callout 1 Select your page size.
Callout 2 See all the page sizes.
Callout 3 Create a custom page size.

You can also preview an example of how your publication type and template design will fit on the paper — so you can quickly see how your publication will look before it is printed. If you don't see the page size that you need, you can quickly create a custom page size.

Choose from more Publisher templates and manage your own templates

If you are connected to the Internet, you can search Microsoft Office Online for Publisher templates that fit your needs. You can use the Publisher templates to design your own templates, and you can organize your templates in the My Templates catalog.

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Produce marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness

Office Publisher 2007 includes helpful tips and tools for marketing your business with print, mail, e-mail, and Web publications.

Get help marketing your business with Publisher Tasks

Get tips such as how to prepare a publication for your mailing list or e-mailing list, track the effect of marketing campaigns, perform e-mail marketing, and write effective marketing publications. For example, create your marketing campaign with the ideas and tips in Publisher Tasks. After you create your marketing campaign, the compression tools in Publisher can optimize the publications that you plan to send as e-mail messages. Finally, the Catalog Merge Wizard can manage your multiple mailing lists to simplify the e-mail process.

Publisher Tasks are task-based articles, such as "Adding text and images to publications" and "Preparing for mailing," that provide step-by-step assistance and help you use Publisher to market your business. These articles are designed to assist you in communicating with your clients and managing your outreach efforts more effectively.

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Integration between Office Publisher 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager includes new tracking tools that help you determine the effectiveness of marketing mailings. Create flyers and a newsletter to mail and send as an e-mail message for your sporting goods store in Publisher. Merge multiple customer lists from Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Office Outlook 2007, and Office Publisher 2007 by using the Publisher merge tools. Use Business Contact Manager to keep track of the marketing materials that you send, the responses that you receive, and the costs associated with each outreach campaign.

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Customize and reuse design elements and information

Office Publisher 2007 makes it really easy to create content one time and then reuse it in many different publications. Start with one of the professionally designed templates, and then add your business's colors, logo, personnel names, and contact information.

You can also customize a template's font scheme and other options before you apply the template to your publication.

Store and organize reusable content in the Content Library

Create and store content such as logos, lists of services, success stories, maps to a business location, testimonials, and pictures that can be inserted into publications later and reused for faster, professional-looking publications.

Reuse business information and branding

Create Business Information sets that can be easily inserted into publications or transferred from one publication to another. When you finish creating a business card and then create a mailing label, the business information is automatically added in the appropriate places.

Get reminders before reusable content is deleted

As you convert one type of publication to another, Publisher moves any content from the previous publication type that doesn't easily fit into the new publication type to the Extra Content task pane. When you try to close a publication with content in the Extra Content task pane, Publisher notifies you, so that you won't lose your work.

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*Save publications in PDF format or XPS format

You can save your publications as Portable Document Format (PDF) files and XML Paper Specification (XPS) files and share them as read-only publications. This makes it easy to share your publications with customers, colleagues, or family members who do not have Publisher installed on their computers.

 Important   You can save as a PDF or XPS file from a 2007 Microsoft Office system program only after you install an add-in. For more information, see Enable support for other file formats, such as PDF and XPS.

When you save publications as high-quality PDF files or XPS files, you can print them on your own high-quality printer, post them in a viewable, fixed format for visitors to your Web site, or use the Pack and Go Wizard to take the files to a commercial printer in a format that the printer is sure to be able to professionally print.

File format Advantages Notes
PDF (.pdf)
  • Saves CMYK, spot color, and process color, as well as spot color in CMYK and PANTONE® — the formats that are preferred by commercial printers.
  • Provides high-quality printable documents.
  • Includes alternative text for images or imaged text.
  • Embeds all needed fonts into a file before printing.
  • Provides searchable text and hyperlinks.
  • Preserves any metadata that is associated with the file.
Needs the correct viewer  — available online for downloading.
XPS (.xps)
  • Provides Information Rights Management so the file owner controls who can open the file. Recipients who have not been granted rights cannot view the XPS file.
  • Provides high-quality printable documents.
  • Includes alternative text for images or imaged text.
  • Embeds all needed fonts into a file before printing.
  • Provides searchable text and hyperlinks.
  • Preserves any metadata that is associated with the file.
Needs the correct viewer  — available as a downloadable add-in.

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Streamline printing

Office Publisher 2007 minimizes printing surprises. Not only does it support the PDF file format that commercial printers use for their preflight (pre-press) tasks, but Office Publisher 2007 also notifies you of possible design errors that might cause problems during the printing process. Office Publisher 2007 suggests how to fix the problem before you send the file to the printer.

Preview with WYSIWYG desktop printing

Print preview has been improved, so that what you see when you preview your publication is what you get when you print it. You can also select an option to show you how to insert paper when you are printing a two-sided (duplex) publication.

Fix pre-printing errors with the improved Pack and Go Wizard

When you are using the Pack and Go Wizard and you select the Take to a commercial printer option, a task pane shows any errors that may cause problems during the printing process.

You can also select whether you want high-quality printing (for desktop printing) or commercial press quality printing for the file that you are packing.

Create smaller files to take to a commercial printer with the Pack and Go Wizard

Send a single compressed file instead of four files (.pub, .exe, .txt, and .puz files) to a commercial printer. The improved Pack and Go Wizard, which is now in a task pane, makes the process even simpler and the file smaller.

You can save the publication as a .pdf file in addition to creating a compressed file that is even smaller than the .puz file. You can also create a .pub file at the same time.

Get perfect color matches with PANTONE®

The Colors dialog box now has a PANTONE® tab, so it is easy to get exactly the right color. Plus, when your publication is printed by a commercial printer, the colors will be the same colors that you selected.

Print larger banners

If your printer can accommodate banner-sized paper, you can print an entire banner without tiling individual pages.

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Communicate more efficiently with mail or e-mail merge

Office Publisher 2007 helps you create marketing publications that are targeted to individuals selected from your client list.

Tailor your mail or e-mail publications so that they don't look as if they are part of a mass mailing. Your clients will appreciate the individualized attention, and you can track how your clients respond to the e-mail campaign.

Make a lasting impression with personalized e-mail and hyperlinks

Send personalized e-mail messages to select individuals from a list of clients, and add hyperlinks that are of interest to each individual.

For example, if your sporting goods store is sending a message to customers who are interested in soccer, you might want to target those customers who are interested in a particular team. In Office Publisher 2007, you can include a hyperlink to the team Web site in your messages.

Personalized greetings and hyperlinks

If you have multiple e-mail accounts, you can also choose which account you use to send the e-mail messages.

Mail merge assistance

Mail merge has been simplified with step-by-step assistance. In three steps, you can successfully create mail merges.

E-mail assistance

Publisher notifies you when there are trade-offs that need to be made between the size of an e-mail message and the quality of the message's content. For example, if your message has many high-quality photos or it has bitmapped text, Publisher notifies you that the file size may be too large for some recipients' mailboxes.

Simplified list management

Manage and use client lists more powerfully and simply. Combine and edit customer lists from a variety of sources such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Access 2007, Office Publisher 2007, the Microsoft List Builder service, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. For example, if some of your sporting goods store's clients don't have e-mail addresses, you can filter your client list for clients who are interested in soccer, the specific soccer team, and have no e-mail addresses, and then you can mail a flyer to these clients.

You can add lists, filter and sort on criteria, revise the lists, create a special message for specific recipients, and create a new recipient list by merging the lists that you are using — all with one program.

Simplified list management

After you create your combined list, you can keep a shortcut to the list and use the shortcut to update the data source lists that you used to create the recipient list.

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Easily avoid spelling errors

  • The spelling checker has been made more consistent across the 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. Examples of this change include:
  • The 2007 Microsoft Office system spelling checker includes the post-reform French dictionary. In Microsoft Office 2003, this was an add-in that had to be separately installed. For more information, see Change the way spelling and grammar checking work.
  • An exclusion dictionary is automatically created for a language the first time that language is used. Exclusion dictionaries let you force the spelling checker flag words you want to avoid using. They are handy for avoiding words that are obscene or that don't match your style guide. For more information, see Use exclusion dictionaries to specify a preferred spelling for a word.

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Diagnose computer problems

Microsoft Office Diagnostics is a series of diagnostic tests that can help you to discover why your computer is crashing. The diagnostic tests can solve some problems directly and may identify ways that you can solve other problems. Microsoft Office Diagnostics replaces the following Microsoft Office 2003 features: Detect and Repair and Microsoft Office Application Recovery.

For more information, see Diagnose and repair crashing Office programs by using Office Diagnostics.

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