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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Finding a server

Where do you find a Web server? As this page explains, it depends on whether your site will be available on the Web or on a company's intranet.

Where do you find a Web server? That depends on how widely available you want your site to be.

World Wide Web     If you want your site available on the World Wide Web, you need to find a company that offers space on their server. Companies like these are typically called Web site hosting companies, although you might sometimes hear them called Internet service providers. To find a Web site hosting company, search the Internet using your favorite search engine or use the URL provided in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

Intranet     If you want your site available only to your company's intranet, then your IT department may have a server you can use. It's also possible that your very own computer may be able to be configured as a Web server. For details, you'll want to consult your IT department, your manager, or the nearest computer guru.

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