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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Web server serving Web pages to people

When people type URLs into their browsers, they are requesting information from the server. The server responds by downloading the page.

As we mentioned before, a Web site cannot be seen by others unless it is published to a Web server. What is a Web server?

A Web server is a computer that runs special serving software. That software "serves" HTML pages and associated files when requested by a client, such as a Web browser.

At first, when hearing the words "client" and "server," you might think you are at a restaurant. Well, this analogy is not that far off.

When you use your browser to visit a site, you typically make your request by entering a URL (for example: A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator. It's simply an address for a file on the Web.

When the server receives your request, it serves or downloads the page you need, plus all of its associated files like pictures, and so on.

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