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Create a Web site with FrontPage


This checklist can be used for finding details about your Web server.

Once you find a Web server and determine the remote location for your site, there are other important things to know before you create your Web site.

URL    The URL for your site may be determined by your hosting company, but you can also register your own unique URL. For example, if your company name is Adventure Works, your URL could be For more information on registering, search for "domain name registration" using your favorite search engine.

The correct file name for your home page    Home pages can be named either index.htm, index.html, default.htm, or default.html depending on the kind of server your site will reside on. They are named this way so that when people visit the URL for your site, the server knows which file to automatically direct them to.

User name and password    These are often needed to publish pages to a remote server.

Server restrictions    The total file size of your site's files may not be able to exceed a certain size. Or there may be other restrictions, like not being able to use certain technologies. Make sure you know these limitations before designing your site.

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