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How to publish Web sites with FTP

Remote Web site view

This is what Remote Web site view looks like after you've connected to the remote server. Notice that the files in both locations are listed.

Here's the moment of truth: You review which files you want to publish, and then you publish them. We'll explain the details of this during the practice session that's coming up. But here's the main idea:

  • The Local Web site is on the left side of the window. The Remote Web site is on the right. The remote site is the publishing destination for your files.
  • Files with arrows are new and haven't been published yet.
  • Files with question marks (?) are files in conflict. This sounds a little dramatic, but it just means that the file has been modified in both locations since the last time it was published. It could also mean that the file was published with another application besides FrontPage.

When you're ready, you can publish all files by clicking the Publish Web Site button in the lower-right corner of the window. Or, you can publish individual files. The way to do this is to select a file in the local site, and then click the Local to Remote button Button image.

Note    If the same file exists in both the local and remote sites, you can decide which files to overwrite.

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