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How to publish Web sites with FTP

Publishing from local to remote, remote to local, and synchronizing

You can publish to a server, from a server, and you can synchronize the two versions so that they are the same.

The traditional idea of publishing is that you publish a private, local Web site to a remote location on a Web server. However, in FrontPage publishing isn't limited to this one direction.

From your local computer to a remote Web server    This is the situation we mentioned earlier, and is the most common scenario for publishing.

From a Web server to your local computer    This is handy if more than one person maintains the site. For example, Person A could publish a new file called "new_products.htm" to the Web server. If Person B needs to make changes to that same file, they could publish it from the Web server to their local computer. Then, Person B makes their changes, and publishes the file to the Web server when it's ready.

You can synchronize the two sites    Synchronizing is another method to use if more than one person maintains the site. If you're not sure which version of the site is more up to date, you can synchronize the two sites, making both versions the same. If the same file exists in both locations, FrontPage will ask you which one you want to overwrite.

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