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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Web site on a Web server

If a Web server is running FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services, your Web pages can have handy features like link bars, discussions, and hit counters.

If you want your Web site available to the World Wide Web, then you'll want to shop around for a hosting company and compare different options. Cost, reliability, storage space, customer service, and security are all good things to compare.

One additional thing to look for is whether or not the hosting company supports FrontPage Server Extensions from Microsoft or Microsoft SharePoint® Services.

These are two technologies that a server administrator can run on a Web server. (You do not need to install them on your own computer.) They extend the functionality of the server, making it easy for you to add special features to your Web pages.

Link bars, discussions, and hit counters are just a few features they can provide. In addition, these two technologies also provide convenient publishing features, which we'll explain in more detail later.

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