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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Person publishing a Web site to a server

To get your Web site to a Web server, you must publish it.

To put your site on a Web server, you publish it. Publishing generally means copying all of the files to a remote location on a server. In most cases, the remote location is either an HTTP path or an FTP path. The path you use depends on what technologies your server supports.

A server running FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services    If your Web server is running one of these technologies, you would publish your site to an HTTP location. For example: http://MyServer/MyWebSite.

A server supporting FTP    FTP (the File Transfer Protocol) is another popular way to upload files to a remote server. If your server supports FTP, you would publish to an FTP location. For example, (Please note that even though you publish to an FTP path, you would still visit the site using an HTTP path in your browser.)

A server supporting WebDAV    Although not as common as the methods above, your server may support WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning). If this is the case, you would publish your site to an HTTP location, for example, http://MyServer/MyWebSite.

To find out which publishing method your server supports, contact your hosting company, or your IT department.

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