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How to publish Web sites with FTP


Which publishing method should you use? Ask your hosting company to be sure.

Earlier, we mentioned that HTTP is used when someone simply visits a site. It is also important to mention that you can publish a Web site with HTTP as well.

So which method should you use? FTP? HTTP? If you are unsure, ask your hosting company. As you can see from this list, it depends on the technology that the server supports.

  • A server supporting FTP     FTP is one of the most common ways to upload files. This is the method that this course covers.
  • A server running FrontPage Server Extensions, SharePoint® Team Services 1.0 from Microsoft, or Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services     If your Web server is running one of these technologies, you would use HTTP.

Note    If your Web server is running one of these technologies and it also supports FTP, we recommended publishing with HTTP instead. Publishing with FTP in this situation can cause some Web components (for example, link bars) to malfunction.

  • A server supporting WebDAV    If your server supports WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), you would use HTTP to publish.
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