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How to publish Web sites with FTP

Firewall protecting people from a hacker

Firewalls protect you from malicious people outside your network. However, they can cause problems when you try to publish beyond them.

A firewall is a system of hardware and software that protects the files and programs on one network from users on another network. A company will typically set up a firewall to give people access to the Internet while protecting their internal information. Bottom line: It keeps hackers from accessing or damaging private information.

Firewalls are usually maintained by a company's IT (information technology) department. If you are working on a computer at work, you might need to do some extra things in order to publish beyond the firewall. Here's three questions to ask your IT department, help desk, or network administrator:

  • "Am I on a network that is protected by a firewall?"
  • "Am I allowed to publish Web sites beyond the firewall using FTP?"
  • "Should I install special software that will allow me to publish beyond the firewall?"

Note    Firewalls are one of the most common reasons for publishing errors, so getting these answers before publishing is crucial to your success.

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