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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Web site

The goal for this Web site is to generate $500,000 in sales through online orders.

When you're planning a Web site, it's important to establish the goal of the site first.

The designer of the site shown here established a goal, which was to generate $500,000 in sales through online orders. After looking at the site, do you agree it was designed with this goal in mind?

Briefly, here are some good tips for creating a goal for your site:

  • Make sure you know who your audience is. For example, is your site intended for customers? employees? students? friends? family?
  • If you are making a site for your company, make sure the goal is specific and quantitative. After all, your boss will want to see results, and that usually means a specific dollar amount gained or number of labor hours saved.
  • Keep your goal simple. A couple of sentences or a short paragraph is enough. If your goal is too long, your site will end up looking like it's trying to do too much.
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