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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Style box, Heading 1 command

How to add a style to text.

We won't go into too much detail on how to add text to the page. After all, that's kind of obvious: you can type text, or you can copy and paste text into the pages. But you can also import text from other files; for example, you can import text from a Microsoft Word document.

After your text is on the page, you'll probably want to apply a style to it. The illustration here shows how you can apply a style to text by using the Style box.

Callout 1 First select some text…
Callout 2 …then click the Style box…
Callout 3 …and then select a style in the list to apply it.

In this example, the Heading 1 style is selected. Heading 1 is a standard HTML style. By default, it is large text in Times New Roman font. But what if you want to make your own style and apply it to text? In the practice session coming up, we'll show you how.

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