About E-commerce Web sites

Applies to
Microsoft FrontPage® 2002
Microsoft FrontPage® 2000

Deciding to embark upon your own e-commerce adventure involves several steps. You'll need to determine what you are selling, how you want to present it, to whom you want to target your sales, and how to keep track of and fulfill your orders.

FrontPage 2000 or 2002 and Microsoft bCentral, an integrated Web service that you can use to run your business, work together to ensure a quick and easy way to create, update and manage a fully powered e-commerce Web site. By installing the bCentral Commerce Manager Add-in for FrontPage and subscribing to bCentral, you can:

  • Build an online catalog of your product line.
  • Manage sales from a Seller Console that shows what you're selling and where.
  • Process orders and credit card sales quickly and easily.
  • Sell products in marketplaces that reach the customers you want.

The bCentral Commerce Manager Add-in

The bCentral Commerce Manager Add-in for FrontPage, which you can download by using FrontPage, allows you to easily create product department pages, product lists, and product detail pages for your e-commerce Web site. Customers visiting your site will be able to purchase your products, making your Web site truly e-commerce enabled.

After subscribing to Microsoft bCentral Commerce Manager and downloading the add-in (which you can also do from FrontPage), you will be able to set up a product database with bCentral and use that database of product listings to create an e-commerce catalog and product pages on your FrontPage Web site. In addition, you will be able to list your products on participating auction sites like MSN Auctions.