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Use formulas to edit, correct, and proofread text

Using Excel formula to combine text into one cell

Callout 1 Formula in the worksheet.
Callout 2 Formula result in the worksheet.

In this example, a text file has been imported into Excel. First names and last names are in two separate columns. To combine the information into one cell, you would use a formula that is unlike what you've seen before. It uses the ampersand (&) operator instead of a function. You would type this formula in cell C2:

=A2&" "&B2

The ampersand tells Excel to combine the text from cell A2, and a space (identified by the quotation marks around it), and the text from cell B2.

To combine the other names into other cells in column C, you would copy the formula down the column.

Note     You can do the same operation by using the CONCATENATE function: =CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2), but it's faster to just type the ampersand. "Concatenate" means to combine, by the way, or had you guessed?

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