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VLOOKUP: What it is, and when to use it

Test yourself

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The lookup_value argument (the value you are searching for) must be in the leftmost column of your list or table.



What is the table_array argument?

The lookup table.

Where you want to search.

Both of the above.

What is the col_index_num argument?

The column number for your search result column.

The column heading for your search result column.

The range_lookup argument is either True, or False. With False, you get:

An approximate match.

An exact match.

If your range_lookup argument is True, you need to sort the leftmost column in ascending order.



When you use VLOOKUP, you must

Have a list or table arranged in vertical columns.

Use a lookup_value in the leftmost column of the lookup table.

Use the column number, counting from the left, that contains the search result.

Indicate whether the range_lookup is True (approximate) or False (exact).

All of the above.

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