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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Using options in WordArt Styles group on Format tab to add color to chart title and chart axes

Add a color to your chart and axis titles.

If you'd like to make the chart or axis titles stand out more, that's easy to do, too. On the Format tab, in the WordArt Styles group, there are many ways to work with the titles. In the picture, a text fill, one of the options in the group, has been added to change the color.

To use a text fill, first click in a title area to select it. Then click the arrow on Text Fill Button image in the WordArt Styles group. Rest the pointer over any of the colors to see the changes in the title. When you see a color you like, select it. Text Fill also includes options to apply a gradient or a texture to a title.

Other options in the WordArt Styles group include Text Outline and Text Effects, which include Shadow, Reflection, and Glow effects.

To make font changes, such as making the font larger or smaller, or to change the font face, click Home, and then go to the Font group. Or you can make the same formatting changes by using the Mini toolbar. The toolbar appears in a faded fashion after you select the title text. Point at the toolbar and it becomes solid, and then you can select a formatting option.

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