Copy and paste conditional formatting to other cells

If you’ve used a conditional format and want to apply it to new or other data on your worksheet, you can use Format Painter to copy the conditional formatting to that data.

  1. Click the cell that has the conditional formatting you want to copy.
  2. Click Home > Format Painter.

Copy and Paste buttons on the Home tab

The pointer changes to a paintbrush.

 Tip    You can double-click Format Painter if you want to keep using the paintbrush to paste the conditional formatting in other cells.

  1. To paste the conditional formatting, drag the paintbrush across the cells or ranges of cells you want to format.
  2. To stop using the paintbrush, press Esc.

 Note    If you’ve used a formula in the rule that applies the conditional formatting, you might have to adjust relative and absolute references in the formula after pasting the conditional format. For more information, see Switch between relative, absolute, and mixed references.

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Applies to:
Excel 2013