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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Using Chart Layouts buttons on Design tab to add chart titles; chart with titles

Chart titles give descriptive information to your charts.

It's a good idea to add descriptive titles to your chart, so that readers don't have to guess what the chart is about.

You can give a title to the chart itself, as well as to the chart axes, which measure and describe the chart data. This chart has two axes. On the left side is the vertical axis (also known as the value or y axis). This axis is the scale of numbers by which you can interpret the column heights. The months of the year at the bottom are on the horizontal axis (also known as the category or x axis).

A quick way to add chart titles is to click the chart to select it and then go to the Chart Layouts group on the Design tab. Click the More button Button image to see all the layouts. Each option shows different layouts that change the way chart elements are laid out.

The picture shows Layout 9, which adds placeholders for a chart title and axes titles. You type the titles directly in the chart.

Callout 1 The title for this chart is Northwind Traders Tea, the name of the product.
Callout 2 The title for the vertical axis on the left is Cases Sold.
Callout 3 The title for the horizontal axis at the bottom is First Quarter Sales.

You'll see how to type the titles in the practice at the end of the lesson. You'll also have a chance to try out other layouts to see how to change the way various chart elements such as the legend and titles are laid out.

Tip     Another way to enter titles is on the Layout tab, in the Labels group. There you can add titles by clicking Chart Titles and Axis Titles.

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