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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Data in Excel; Insert tab; Column button

Create a chart by clicking a chart type in the Charts group on the Insert tab.

Here's a worksheet that shows how many cases of Northwind Traders Tea were sold by each of three salespeople in each of three months. You need a chart that shows how each salesperson compares against the others, month by month for the first quarter of the year.

Callout 1 Select the data that you want to chart, including the column titles (January, February, March) and the row labels (the salesperson names).
Callout 2 Then click the Insert tab, and in the Charts group, click the Column button. You could select another chart type, but column charts are commonly used to compare items and will get your point across.
Callout 3 After you click Column, you'll see a number of column chart types to choose from. Click Clustered Column, the first column chart in the 2-D Column list. A ScreenTip displays the chart type name when you rest the pointer over any chart type. The ScreenTip also provides a description of the chart type and gives you information about when to use each one.

That's it, you've created a chart in about 10 seconds.

Tip     If you want to change the chart type after you create your chart, click inside the chart. On the Design tab under Chart Tools, in the Type group, click Change Chart Type, and select another chart type.

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