Service continuity

Safe, secure, and highly available.

Service continuity
  • Our understanding of how to deliver highly available service comes from years of experience in building enterprise-class solutions and running online services. We combine robust recovery-oriented design, continuous learning, and consistent communication to deliver high quality service and a great customer experience.

    We also have a financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime, giving you peace of mind.

    Quarterly worldwide uptime for the last five quarters:
    99.98%, 99.97%, 99.94%, 99.97%, 99.96%

    Visit the blog for details: Cloud services you can trust: Office 365 availability

    High availability design principles:

    • Physical redundancy at server, data center, and service levels
    • Data redundancy with robust failover capabilities
    • Functional redundancy with offline functionality
    • Active load balancing
    • Automated failover with human backup
    • Recovery testing across failure domains
    • Distributed component services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online limit scope and impact of any failures in a component
    • Directory data replicated across component services insulates one service from another in any failure events
    • Simplified operations and deployment
    • Internal monitoring built to drive automatic recovery
    • Outside-in monitoring raises alerts about incidents
    • Extensive diagnostics provide logging, auditing, and granular tracing
    • Standardized hardware reduces issue isolation complexities
    • Fully automated deployment models, making deployment easier than ever
    • Standard built-in management mechanism
    • Automated recovery actions with 24/7 on-call support
    • Team with diverse skills on the call provides rapid response and resolution
    • Continuous improvement by learning from the on-call teams
    • If an incident occurs, regardless of the magnitude of impact we do a thorough post-incident review every time
    • Our post-incident review consists of analysis of what happened, our response, and our plan to prevent it in the future
    • In the event your organization was affected by a service incident, we share the post-incident review with you
    • Transparency requires consistent communication, especially when you are using the service
    • We have a number of communication channels such as email, RSS feeds, and the very important and highly relevant Service Health Dashboard
    Consistent communication

    The Office 365 Service Health Dashboard is the window into the health of the service for your specific organization. As an Office 365 customer, you get a detailed view into the availability of services that is relevant to your organization. Our service dashboard gives you full insight into your services by showing their current status and even lets you see when you need to renew licenses.

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