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If you want to learn how to design, build, and manage Microsoft Access 2010 client and Web databases more efficiently, this article lists available resources that can help you get the most from Access 2010. The resources are provided in sections based on your level of interest and role. The first section of the article has resources for everyone using Access 2010 and is the ideal section to start on if you are new to Access. You can refer to the resources in the second section if you design or manage Access 2010 databases or if you are interested in looking into using more advanced database options. The resources in the third section can be useful if your role includes planning and deploying Access databases for an organization.

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Resources for all Access 2010 users

Use these resources, to learn more about creating, updating, using, and managing your Access 2010 databases.

Resource Description

Describes how to work with new features in Access 2010, with step-by-step procedures and videos.

To open Help from an open Access database, you can do any one of the following:

  • Click the Help tab from the right pane


  • Click the Help button Help button image


  • Press F1
Database templates installed on your computer Access 2010 comes with several sample databases that are installed on your computer. These templates are compatible for publishing on the Web. You can use these database templates as a starting point to create your client or web database and customize them according to your specific needs. Most templates include one or more videos on getting started. For more information, watch video: Modify the Access 2010 templates.
Database templates on

You can download and open additional Access database templates online. To download online templates:

  1. Start Access 2010.
  2. To see all the online templates, under Templates, click a topic or search by a topic.
  3. Click the database template that you want to open, and then click Download

For more information about how to use these templates, see Introduction to the Access 2010 templates.

Discussion groups Online discussion groups (also known as newsgroups) allow you to interact with other Access users to get your questions answered, share ideas, and learn more about Access.
Access training on A selection of self-paced training courses with practice sessions to help you get hands-on experience with Access 2010.
Access 2010 features and benefits page on Information on Access 2010 features and benefits.
Access Power Tips blog Tips from the Access community.

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Resources for Access database developers

Use the following resources if you are already familiar with Access and are interested in programming, Extensible Markup Language (XML) (Extensible Markup Language (XML): A condensed form of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) that enables developers to create customized tags that offer flexibility in organizing and presenting information.), and other development tools and technologies to your Access databases.

Resource Description
Developer Help

A detailed Help file that contains conceptual and reference topics. To open the Developer Help:

  1. In Access, click the Help buttonHelp button image.
  2. In the Access Help dialog box, click the arrow next to the Search button, and then click Developer Reference.
Access Developer Center This reference contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, samples, and references to guide you in developing solutions that are based on Access.
Access team blog Blog entries that include answers to questions from developers.
Microsoft XML Developer Center Information about how to use and develop applications that use XML for data interchange and storage.
Creating Web Databases with Access 2010 and Access Services Explains how to create and publish an Access 2010 Web database to Access Services on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
.Net Framework Developer Center Information about how to develop and use XML Web services.
Access 2010 Object Model Changes Since Earlier Versions Provides a summary of the changes in the Access 2010 object model compared to earlier versions of Access.
Microsoft .NET Framework Information about how to use the .NET Framework.

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Resources for IT professionals

Use the following resources if you are planning and deploying Access 2010 databases in an organization.

Resource Description
TechNet Brings together content and resources for particular products or technologies. Connects you to Knowledge Base articles, downloads, beta and evaluation software, webcasts, virtual labs, technical articles, and the technical documentation that is intended for the IT professionals who plan, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot these products and technologies.
Microsoft Office 2010 Resource Kit Information and white papers about new features and changes in deployment strategies for the Office 2010 system.
Microsoft SQL Server Information about how to deploy and use SQL Server.

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