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Open XML II: Editing Documents in the XML

The core.XML document part, which appears in the docProps folder

The document part shown here is core.xml, which appears in the docProps folder.

The concepts discussed on the preceding screens in this lesson apply to most any document part you need to edit.

For example, you may want to make edits to the document properties that are not accessible from within the Office programs. While you can use the option to remove personal information from file properties when the document is saved, that option removes all personal information. So, what do you do if you only want to remove some information, such as the name of the last document editor, but otherwise leave the properties unchanged?

  • The docProps folder in the top-level of the ZIP package contains the files app.xml and core.xml. The file app.xml contains information such as word count and program version. The file core.xml contains user properties such as creator and last editor.
  • To remove the name of the last editor, just edit core.xml to delete the name that appears between the paired tags ”cp:lastModifiedBy”. Then, save and replace the file in the ZIP package.


  • When you delete file property information from a document part, keep in mind that it may be added back in when you next save the document in the Office program.
  • If you do not know if a tag is required, leave the tag when you delete the value. In the case of the cp:lastModifiedBy tag, the document can open whether or not the tag is removed.
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