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Queries II: Create basic select queries

Learn to create queries in Access 2007
Learn how to create basic select queries. Select queries retrieve data from your database, and they're one of the most frequently used and versatile tools Access provides.

About this course

This course includes:

  • One self-paced lesson and one practice session for hands-on experience. The practice requires Access 2007.
  • A short test at the end of the lesson; the test is not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can take away from the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a select query by using the Query Wizard.
  • Create a select query by using Design view.
  • Add criteria to a select query and filter your results.
  • Sort your results.

Before you begin

The first course in this series taught you the basics of queries — what they are and some of the ways you can use them. Now it's time to get your hands dirty.

This course explains how to create a select query, a type of query that retrieves and processes the data in your database. Select queries can be simple, but they're also versatile and powerful, and the type of query you'll use most often.

You'll learn how to use the Query Wizard and Design view to build queries. We'll also show you how to add criteria that filter your results, how to hide some of the data that your query returns, and how to sort data.

To learn more about this course, read the text in Goals and About this course, or look at the table of contents. Then click Next to start the first lesson.

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