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Get to know Excel 2007: Create your first workbook

Text aligned on left in cell and dates aligned on right in cell

Excel aligns text on the left side of cells, but it aligns dates on the right side of cells.

To enter a date in column B, the Date column, you should use a slash or a hyphen to separate the parts: 7/16/2009 or 16-July-2009. Excel will recognize this as a date.

If you need to enter a time, type the numbers, a space, and then "a" or "p" — for example, 9:00 p. If you put in just the number, Excel recognizes a time and enters it as AM.

Tip     To enter today's date, press CTRL and the semicolon (;) together. To enter the current time, press CTRL and SHIFT and the semicolon all at once.

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