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Create your first presentation

Person presenting

Before your actual presentation, go to the room where you'll present and run through the show.

A must before you present: Go to the room where you'll be presenting, make sure that you can access your presentation from the computer you're using, and run through the slide show. Take your printed notes with you so that you can practice referring to them while you practice clicking through the show. You might also ask someone else to go along, listen, and give feedback.

Tips that could prevent woe

Fonts     If you see odd text-wrapping in the presentation on the presenting computer, it's likely that the computer lacks a font you used in the original presentation. To see if there's a font missing, on the Format menu, click Replace Fonts. Click the Replace list and look for a question mark before any font names in the list, which indicates that that font is missing. You can either try to install the font or replace it with another font.

To help avoid this problem, be sure the option to embed fonts is selected when you package a presentation for a folder or CD. Unfortunately, there are legal restrictions against embedding some fonts, so while this option can help, it won't guarantee you'll have all your fonts.

Also, when you choose a font color, select one that has a strong visual contrast to the background color. This makes a great difference for people who are color blind or visually impaired.

Display     You'll have the best results if you set the screen resolution on the computer to the same as the projector's resolution.

PowerPoint 2003     To guarantee that the show will run exactly as you expect, verify that the presenting computer has PowerPoint 2003. If it doesn't, you can use the viewer that's included with Package for CD (see more about the viewer in the Quick Reference Card).

You can also use an earlier version of PowerPoint, but note that some animation features are not supported in versions earlier than PowerPoint 2002.

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