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Create your first presentation

Selecting handouts to print from print preview

Callout 1 In print preview, choose from the types of printouts in the Print What box. Your handout can include up to nine slides per page. The Handouts (3 slides per page) option includes lines for audience notes.
Callout 2 A preview of the handout that has three slides per page.

In normal view, run a spelling check by clicking the Spelling button Button image. Your slides and notes are checked.

What are your choices for printed handouts? The picture shows you the options as they appear in print preview. The ones that you're concerned with here include:

  • Printing the slides, one to a page.
  • Printing a handout, which includes choices ranging from one to several slides per page (see the example in the picture).
  • Printing notes.

About print preview: This is a great way to prepare the show for printing. You get to it by clicking the Print Preview button Button image. See the next section about your choices for color or black and white.

Tip    In this view, you can also adjust headers and footers on the printouts. These include slide and page numbers and other text, such as the date. For details, see the course The small print: headers and footers.

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